Niki's Web Page

this is my cool web page with pictures of skating and what not

soon i will have my movies that i have made of skating, but for now you can check out these pictures and at the bottom you can click on the link for my pictures of the Filipino dances. My cousin Jon were in these dances, so you can see his costume and all the rest of the dancers.
here is one of my short skating movies-  skatetime


this is me, Niki, in front of my house skating with my K2's


and so is this one

this is my dog Xiaoyu

here is chris doin a  sole grind. he is the best skater around. he also knows a lot about computers and all that high tech stuff

this is chris, he's helpin me make this web page

this is TJ with his wicked soap shoes

this is Tj with his Trix shirt

the breakdancing section is coming soon and next winter i will add a new skiing section
for the page of the Filipino pictures, click here   Filipino